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Gold fish

Yo! welcome to my Site!

Totally all about me.

life sucks...... but at least i have one

what are best friends? well chris s. and danny b. wouldnt no becouse they dont have any friends at all, but forget them... i do so i no wat they are best friends are. they're whatever chris.s and danny b. dont have.

My friends are the kind of friends that kids that aren't from lvi would hate cus we are 2 cool for them. we dont really care about things that arent funny so if your're not funny dont even try talking to us!

Carly there are somany words to desribe u that i made a chart.

15% are curses

20% are about the stupid and long stories u tell

25% are about how dumb u are

15% the stupid things we do together

22% are about the dumb things u say

2% how creative and funny u are

1% how cool u can be

I think its pretty accurate dont u?

Jenny you've been my bf sence kindergarden remember how i used to kick u in the leg and u would start to cry? ahhhhhhhh good times! I have been counting down the minutes to collage then i wont ever have to see u again. I bet ur doing the same thing. STAVI!!! remember jenny i love u..... sometimes.

Chris d. u are my best guyfriend your funny, stupid, and crazy for turtles. u always make me laugh. we have the kind of friendship that i hope doesn't last long. i love spending time with u. FRANK!

life is short which is why i spend my time with these people.

some people think its fun to make paper airplanes....... i think its fun to poke u in the eye.


july and alexa u guys are like the sister i never had.

Scratch! scraaaaaaaaaaaaatch! u scratched my cd u picked it up in clear daylight and u scratched it ! ----" The Ringer" best movie ever!

i love everybody but people that arent on my pro... cus those peeps are pinheads. so tell me if your not on my pro i'll add u if your cool enough!

Young girls dressed up for Easter
U cant put a price on friendship
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